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Bright Start

As your child becomes more independent, so does the need to discover more about the world. At Kids By The Bunch, we encourage creativity and inquisitiveness as children begin to develop their own special talents. Our unique mix of care and education meets emotional needs while promoting social skills and learning.

We balance group interaction with individual attention and make sure that your active toddler uses their energy in a productive way. Our strict guidelines for sanitation and security ensure that your toddler can learn, explore and have fun safely.

The Kids By The Bunch curriculum recognizes the unique abilities and talents of children and their individual needs. New concepts are introduced when your child is ready, not on a set schedule.

Toddling toward the future

We introduce new concepts at each stage of development. A rich, stimulating environment keeps toddlers engaged and interested. Attentive teachers encourage investigation and learning with age-appropriate activities to help toddlers make sense of the world around them.

Early math concepts like matching and sorting are a fun way to promote problem-solving. Story time and reading books help your child develop language and literacy skills. Refining motor skills using hands on activities and developing good social interaction are also important parts of every day.

We partner with you, the parent to keep you involved in your child's progress. A personalized daily "Toddler Link" keeps you informed of your child's day. Meals, diaper changes, activities and general information are all included. When we think your child is ready, we will meet to discuss the move to the next classroom.

It's never too early

Toddlers are like sponges, so it's a perfect time to start them on the road to success. By encouraging a love of learning and providing ways to explore and investigate, our Bright Start curriculum can set the stage for a great experience in school and beyond.
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