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Feeling smarter everyday
Every child is bright - that's the philosophy behind everything we do at Kids By The Bunch. We foster a lifelong love of learning by engaging children and letting them investigate, explore and internalize learning.

Bright Start Curriculum
The Bright Start curriculum follows the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices set forth by national accrediting associations. The curriculum was inspired by Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. We believe that all children are intelligent in many different ways, and by engaging them early on so they can build confidence and knowledge.

*Word Bright: Likes to read, write and tell stories, excels at learning and using new words.
*Math Bright: Explore numbers and patterns, enjoys figuring out how things work.
*Body Bright: Uses body language, loves to move and dance, excels in sports and other activities.
*Art Bright: The visualizer loves to draw, build, design, create and interpret maps.
*Music Bright: Enjoys singing, playing instruments and listening to music, has a natural sense of rhythm.
*Nature Bright: Likes the outdoors and caring for living things.
*People Bright: Is sensitive to the feelings of others, is a socializer, like to work in groups.
*Me Bright: Is in tune with their personal feelings and thoughts, enjoys working alone.

That's Bright
We have discovered that children learn best when they're actively involved, our curriculum combines work and play. Learning centers, personal spaces, play places and highly trained teachers create a place to develop both social and learning skills. Children also learn problem solving, critical thinking the 3 R's and most of all, the love of learning.

Bright Start, today and tomorrow
Our curriculum works, children in our program make significant gains in development, and have the skills to enter and in many cases excel in kindergarten and beyond. Learning and fun, it's an experience you won't get anywhere else.
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